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Dennis From San Diego Had Lasik By Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

Dennis struggled with poor vision. He was frustrated with his contacts. He had custom Lasik by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman. In this video taken a week after his procedure, Dennis explains how his new vision is so much sharper.

ClearView Eye and Laser Medical Center provides corrective LASIK laser eye surgery in the San Diego, California area. Please contact us today for formal advice during a complimentary LASIK or other laser eye surgery consultation in San Diego.

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Free Custom Lasik By Dr. Sandy T. Feldman Helps San Diego Resident Reconnect With His Passion

Dan S. of San Diego is one of two winners of Clearview’s 2014 video contest for Free Custom Lasik. This was recorded a few days after having Lasik by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.  One of the things Dan is most excited about is using his new vision for his passion, riding motocross.

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Waiting For Advances In Technology Before Getting Lasik? They’re Here!

If you’ve been putting off getting Lasik because you want to benefit from the very latest technology, there is a doctor in San Diego, California who features the latest state-of-the-art eye surgery procedures.  World-renowned corneal expert Dr. Sandy T. Feldman uses the most advanced LASIK and implantable lens technology.

Richard G. of San Diego had Lasik by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman 17 hours before recording this video. His search for the right doctor with the latest medical advances lead him to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.