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6 Things to Consider Before Buying Summer Sunglasses

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman recently spoke with Fox Morning News about why sunglasses are just as important as sunscreen to wear during the summer.

When you buy sunglasses, Dr. Feldman suggests looking for a pair that blocks 100 percent of the sun’s ultra-violet light. Here are the other things you should consider when buying sunglasses for optimal eye health and protection.


See The World Through UV Protected Glasses

From Audrey Hepburn’s oversize lenses in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to John Lennon’s famous round shades to aviators and Ray-Bans that have popped in and out of style, sunglasses have stayed trendy and iconic over time.

But with summer here, health experts said it’s important to remember to pick a pair of shades that are not only trendy, but offer the right protection to ward off cancer in and around the eye.

And in addition to wearing sunglasses during the summer, experts said they should be worn year-round, especially in sunny spots such as San Diego.

“When shopping for sunglasses, people tend to focus more on appearance rather than UV protection. But it’s possible to find sunglasses that look great and protect the eyes from sun damage,” said Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, medical director at San Diego’s Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center. “We also tend to protect ourselves from the sun only during the summer, but it’s something to be cautious of all year long.”

The potential danger lies in the fact that eyelid skin is very thin, and too much ultraviolet light can lead to eye problems such as cataracts and various types of cancer.

Read more here about how UV protected glasses can decrease your risk of cancer.

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Lasik Makes An Active Lifestyle Possible

This athletic San Diegan felt like life wearing glasses was becoming too difficult for her active lifestyle. She underwent Lasik and feels like she now has the freedom to do so much. She can’t wait to snowboard in Lake Tahoe where she plans to wear goggles without glasses for the first time.

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Dr. Sandy T. Feldman Summer Eye Safety On Fox 5

Now that summer is here, more people will be hitting the beach, going outside, and taking a vacation. Doctor Sandy T. Feldman from Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center is back to talk summer eye safety. Clearview Eye & Laser Medical Center is located in Sorrento Valley.

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