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Eyes on the New Year: Healthful Foods Vitamins and Habits for Optimal Vision

When making health-related New Years resolutions, most people tend to focus on two thingslosing weight and exercising more. While those things are important, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman suggests adding healthful habits for better vision as a top priority in 2015.

Considering how much time each day people spend in front of various screenscomputers, TVs, e-readers, tablets, smart phonesits clear that we rely on our vision far more than we know,” said. Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman offers some New Years tips to improve vision and prevent vision problems, including:

  • Eat more nutrient-rich foods
  • Exercise more
  • Be cautious with vitamins
  • Be mindful of your screen time
  • Use natural remedies to soothe dry eyes
  • Wear protective eyewear
  • Practice good eye hygiene
  • Use full-spectrum lighting at the office

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Eyes on the Holidays: How to Avoid a Toy-related Trip to the ER

The famous catchphrase from the classic holiday film, A Christmas Story – “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” – was a department store Santa’s response to a young boy’s request for a Red Ryder BB gun. But Santa’s reply is actually sage advice for anyone looking to buy safe holiday toys for children.

“Thousands of children end up in the emergency room every year with eye injuries from a new toy,” says Sandy T. Feldman MD, a San Diego-based physician and one of the nation’s top ophthalmologists. “That’s not a fun way for any child or parent to spend a holiday.”

Children are born with an underdeveloped vision system that develops over time. Young children are very visually stimulated, and nothing stimulates a child’s vision more than a brightly colored new toy.

“Kids spend a lot of time with their toys, so it’s very important to make sure they are safe enough to play with,” says Dr. Feldman. “When eye injuries occur, it’s usually because a toy wasn’t age-appropriate for the child.”

Dr. Feldman offers 12 simple tips for selecting safe toys for children this holiday season:

  • Avoid any toy with sharp or rough edges, spikes, or other dangerous features
  • Make sure toys are sturdy and well-built, able to withstand impact and not shatter into sharp-edged pieces
  • Avoid toys that shoot or launch small balls, darts, water, or any other objects
  • Long-handled toys – such as a pony stick or light saber – should be light-weight and have rounded edges
  • Look for the letters ASTM, which indicates a toy meets safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Sports equipment should always be accompanied by appropriate protective gear, such as eye goggles or a helmet
  • Read all warnings and directions included with a toy before giving it to the child
  • Pay attention to the age or developmental recommendations printed on toy boxes
  • Any toy labeled “supervision required” should only be used in an adult’s presence
  • Keep toys intended for older children away from younger ones
  • To prevent eye strain and fatigue, set time limits on any electronic devices gifted to older children, such as e-readers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Dispose of toys’ plastic wrapping material and cardboard packaging, as they may have sharp edges that can cause injury

“There are a lot of wonderful toys out there. Just be diligent about what you buy, and be sure to inspect any gifts from other people before a child plays with it,” said Dr. Feldman. “By preventing unnecessary eye injuries, you’ll ensure that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.”

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Aaron Describes His Experience With Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

Aaron recently made the decision to undergo Lasik at Clearview. He could not have been happier with his experience with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman. He loved that she went over every single aspect of the procedure and made sure he felt comfortable about all the steps. He knew exactly what to expect, and was in and out of the operating room within ten minutes.

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Lasik Has Been Life-Changing for Jacqueline

After wearing contact lenses for 16 years, Jacqueline was ready for a change. She was not feeling the ease of the lenses and was never a big fan of wearing glasses.

She visited Dr. Sandy T. Feldman to determine if she’s a candidate for Lasik and was very impressed with the pre-screening process and tests. Lasik has been life-changing for Jacqueline. She can now see 20/15 and is thrilled!

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Bo Chose Lasik To Make His Active Lifestyle More Enjoyable

Living in Del Mar, Bo loves taking advantage of all the outdoor sports in San Diego. But he noticed that many of his favorite activities – skiing, mountain biking and surfing – were becoming less enjoyable because of dryness and irritation due to contact lenses.

After becoming increasingly frustrated, Bo turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for Lasik. He was impressed at the ease of the procedure, and the rewards have been so terrific that he would gladly do it again.

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Charlotte Appreciates Her Vision More After Having Lasik

Before undergoing Lasik, Charlotte was so frustrated having to constantly reach for glasses and contact lenses. Since having the procedure, her life has improved so much that she has a new appreciation for her surroundings.

As a swimmer, Charlotte loves not worrying about contact lenses when in the pool or ocean. And now when she’s running outside on trails, she clearly sees her surroundings better than before.

Although she was on the fence about Lasik for quite some time, Charlotte says it was definitely worth the investment and recommends Dr. Sandy T. Feldman to anyone thinking about the procedure.

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Parents Share Reasons Why Lasik is Life Changing

Being a parent is tough enough. The struggles of not seeing well without glasses or contact lenses can make taking care of children even more challenging. Lasik has helped several Clearview patients become better parents.

Mark often found himself stumbling around in the dark trying to take care of his 1-year-old daughter. After undergoing Lasik, he can now better take care of his daughter and help his wife more.

As the mother to 9- and 11-year-old boys, Cristina wanted to do things with them she couldn’t do with glasses and contacts. She now enjoys taking her kids to the beach, swimming in the ocean and being active.

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Bad Habits of Contact Lens Wearers (Exposed!)

These days, it’s easier than ever to wear and care for contact lenses. However, a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that 99 percent of contact lens wearers have at some point engaged in bad habits that can lead to a painful eye infection and possibly even long-term vision damage.

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is not surprised by the CDC’s latest findings. “I’ve probably seen it all over the years. Lenses that aren’t cleaned properly. Dirty lens cases. Reusing the same solution over and over. Sleeping with contacts, swimming with contacts, wearing disposable lenses far longer than they’re meant to be used. Any one of these things can put the health of the eyes at risk,” said Dr. Feldman.

The CDC report reveals that most contact lens wearers have been guilty of some form or another of questionable lens hygiene. Nearly one-third of the 1,000 lens wearers surveyed experienced a red or painful eye that required a visit to a doctor’s office. It’s estimated that more than 40 million people in the U.S. wear contacts.

Dr. Feldman offers some simple tips for caring for contact lenses:

  • Clean lenses daily, using only recommended products for your type of lens.
  • Clean the lens case daily and replace it every three months. Cases should be rinsed out with disinfecting contact lens solution and air-dried every day.
  • Replace the disinfectant solution every time you store contact lenses in a case. Don’t re-use the same solution multiple days or “top off” old solution.
  • Avoid wearing lenses when swimming or showering, which can lead to an eye infection caused by bacteria, fungus and even amoebas in the water. If vision is an issue, consider prescription goggles. If contacts are worn in water, they should be disinfected afterwards or thrown away if they are disposable lenses.
  • Don’t attempt to extend the life of disposable contacts. This can result in a scratched cornea, allowing germs to infiltrate the eye and become a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Don’t go to sleep without removing contact lenses. This is one of the most common causes of eye infections.
  • Use daily disposable contact lenses only as directed. Try to avoid the temptation to economize by wearing them beyond a day.

“Contact lenses are a great option for people who want freedom from glasses. However, it’s important to take good care of your contacts to avoid irritated eyes or an infection,” Dr. Feldman cautions. “It’s all too easy to cut corners to save some time, but that can really have a negative impact on the health of your eyes.”

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Active Lifestyles Are More Enjoyable After Lasik

Clearview patients agree that if you live an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors, Lasik helps you make the most of that life. Before undergoing Lasik, James was constantly dealing with dry contact lenses while playing softball. Stacy now enjoys swimming more and can open her eyes under water. Paige can’t wait to go camping and not have to worry about dealing with changing her contact lenses at the camp site.

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Patients Describe Their Clearview Experience

Clearview Eyes patients have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Sandy T. Feldman. Erica appreciated her professional demeanor and the way she thoroughly answered all her questions. David found her informative and calming, and the Lasik procedure quick and painless. Mark appreciated how Dr. Feldman eliminated all of his fears, and made the situation very comfortable. All three patients have already recommended Dr. Feldman to friends.

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