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Susanna Turned to Dr. Feldman for Keratoconus Treatment

Susanna realized she had keratoconus, a condition in which the cornea becomes weak and irregularly shaped, when she found herself driving and suddenly not able to see the license plate of the car in front of her. She immediately made an appointment with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and scheduled a corneal collagen cross-linking (CXL) procedure.

Susanna was extremely happy with Dr. Feldman, the Clearview staff and the results. Just two days after the procedure, she went from having 20/70 vision in her right eye to 20/25.

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Treat Keratoconus With Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking

Andrew suffers from Keratoconus, a condition in which the cornea becomes weak, progressively thins, and produces high levels of astigmatism. The condition interferes with Andrew’s ability to see clearly and enjoy hobbies such as sports and music. For example, he can no longer read sheet music or play football.

His doctor recommended seeing Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for corneal collagen cross-linking, which is a procedure that strengthens the corneas. Andrew is very happy with the care he’s received from Clearview, and loves that the staff takes the time to get to know the patients and puts them at ease.

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