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Buyer Beware: When It Comes to Vision, In-person Expertise Trumps Online Convenience

Doing things online can often save time and money, but not always—and especially not when it comes to health-related products and services, such as ordering eyeglasses and contact lenses or having your vision tested.

“Shopping online can be great, but not for custom-made items such as prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses,” says Sandy T. Feldman, MD, an ophthalmologist in San Diego, California. “Internet orders can be problematic, and it’s often cheaper and faster to get your glasses or contacts through your eye doctor or an optician.”

Buying Eyeglasses Online. Every pair of eyeglasses is a made-to-order product that requires a number of important decisions. There are a wide array of frame designs, lens materials, and lens coatings to consider, and many people find it difficult to evaluate various options online. One advantage of purchasing eyewear in-person is that you can try frames on as an eye doctor or optician guides you through the process.

Another advantage: Knowing that your eyes are properly measured, your frames are properly fitted, and your corrected vision is the best it can possibly be. This is especially important for when buying bifocals or progressive lenses, which can be tricky to fit and require extra measurements.

Buying Contact Lenses Online.

Contacts are much easier to purchase online than eyeglasses, provided a qualified expert has evaluated your vision and written a prescription. But online sources aren’t always less expensive, so be sure to comparison shop. Focus on value—not just price—and evaluate things such as availability, customer service, how long it takes for shipping, and any special deals that might be offered for bundled products or “People tend to assume that contacts purchased from an optometrist or physician cost more than contacts ordered online, and that isn’t always the case,” says Dr. Feldman. “Searching for the best price online can be frustrating and time-consuming. I tell patients that anything ordered online also involves some degree of risk, and contact lenses—which are considered sterile, FDA-regulated medical devices—are no exception. Make sure you use a reputable U.S.-based company with a website that requires a valid prescription.”

Other brick-and-mortar options include optical chains such as LensCrafters or Pearle Vision, and mass merchandisers such as Sears, Target, Walmart, or Costco.

Online Eye Exams.

Online eye exams are widely available, but don’t be fooled. These may help screen for diseases but do not replace some tests performed at the doctor’s office.

  • Visual field test—assesses peripheral vision loss and indicators of early glaucoma
  • Cover test—helps identify lazy eye, depth perception, and other conditions
  • Slit lamp test—observes the internal structure of the eye through a microscope
  • Eye pressure exam—uses numbing drops and a puff of air to detect glaucoma
  • Dilation—uses special eye drops to open the pupil for a better view inside the eye

Experts recommend having a comprehensive eye exam every two years to detect any early signs of abnormalities or degeneration. Eye doctors are often the first healthcare professionals to detect chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

“Online eye exams are, at best, very preliminary,” says Dr. Feldman. “If you do take one and it suggests even a slight vision problem, be sure to see an eye doctor right away.”

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1,000 Little Things Ethan Looks Forward To After LASIK

Since having Lasik surgery, Ethan feels like he sees everything better and in a new light. Before his surgery, not finding his glasses in the morning left him unable to see. Now he is so happy to clearly see his wife’s face the minute he wakes up each day. And Ethan’s vision is better than with glasses or contact lenses.

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Sharla Feels Like She Has Brand New Eyes After LASIK

Sharla is a claims associate who could not wear contacts and had difficulty with glasses as well. She was tired of not being able to read the writing on her 32-inch television that was only six-feet away from her. Sharla decided to undergo Lasik with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and is thrilled with the results. She now feels like she has brand new eyes all over again.

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Ethan Was Blown Away By the Simplicity of Lasik Surgery

Ethan is an engineer who wanted to stop worrying about wearing contact lenses and getting prescriptions filled. He turned to Clearview Eyes for Lasik to solve the problem.

Ethan praises Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for answering all of his questions with ease and reassurance. He is still in disbelief at how simple the procedure is and now he can see perfectly.

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Are You Protecting Your Eyes and Using Proper Contact Lens Care?

Doctors treat thousands of eye infections every year. One of the leading causes of this ailment is improper usage and care of contact lenses. What’s even more alarming is these infections can result in permanent damage to the eye’s cornea and decreased vision.

“The cornea is one the most innervated places in the body, thus an injury or infection causes a lot of pain,” said Dr. Sandy T. Feldman. “It prevents you from working, driving or going to school.”

Learn more from Dr. Feldman about protecting your eyes and contact lens care in this U-T San Diego article.

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Daisy Can Now Enjoy The Water After Having LASIK

Daisy turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman when she decided to invest in Lasik surgery. She is thrilled with results. She can now enjoy the beach, swimming and the outdoors without the burden of glasses. Daisy’s experience was life-changing and she can’t wait to explore what life has to offer.

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Lasik Surgery Gave Former Marine Confidence

Former Marine Tony was tired of glasses constantly falling off his face and the burden of wearing contact lenses. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman helped him see how his life would be better after Lasik surgery.

Lasik surgery instilled a new feeling of confidence in Tony. He’s thrilled that he can see perfectly and wants to do everything he can to make the most of his life.

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Contacts No Longer Interrupt Christina’s Life After Having LASIK

Christina lives a very active lifestyle filled with long days. Tired of the frustration of wearing contact lenses and experiencing dry eyes, she turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for Lasik surgery. Christina is thrilled that she no longer needs to carry with her extra pairs of contact lenses, glasses and eye drop solution. Having Lasik has been a life-changing experience.

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Lasik Made Nature Beautiful Again for Scott

Scott spends a lot of time in nature riding his mountain bike. While he always had good vision, he was starting to lose the depth while wearing contact lenses. He turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and Lasik surgery to help him see clearly again.

Just one day after surgery, Scott felt like he was going back in time and could read signs from a distance. He can now see clearly in nature again, including noticing leaves on far-away trees.

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Celebrating a 21st Birthday With New Vision

This young San Diegan decided to give herself the gift of vision for her 21st birthday. Tired of wearing glasses and experiencing problems with contact lenses, she decided to have lasik surgery before embarking on a birthday cruise to Cabo San Lucas.

The birthday gal could not be more thrilled with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and Clearview Eyes. She welcomed Dr. Feldman’s presence and voice to help her keep calm and relax during surgery. She know feels amazing and is ready to celebrate!

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