Eyes on the New Year: Healthful Foods Vitamins and Habits for Optimal Vision

When making health-related New Years resolutions, most people tend to focus on two thingslosing weight and exercising more. While those things are important, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman suggests adding healthful habits for better vision as a top priority in 2015.

Considering how much time each day people spend in front of various screenscomputers, TVs, e-readers, tablets, smart phonesits clear that we rely on our vision far more than we know,” said. Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman offers some New Years tips to improve vision and prevent vision problems, including:

  • Eat more nutrient-rich foods
  • Exercise more
  • Be cautious with vitamins
  • Be mindful of your screen time
  • Use natural remedies to soothe dry eyes
  • Wear protective eyewear
  • Practice good eye hygiene
  • Use full-spectrum lighting at the office

Image credit: ba1969 via freeimages

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