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We are pleased to be the first practice in the country to feature the Advanced iDesign Wavescan System!

The Best just got Better!

We are pleased to be the first practice in the country to feature the Advanced iDesign Wavescan System!

Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center are widely recognized as the leader in San Diego for Refractive Surgery. Our practice has utilized the Wavescan System since its inception to create outstanding results for our patients.

What makes the Advanced iDesign Wavescan System even better? The iDesign wavefront sensing technology provides a broader range of vision correction, and its ability to map the surface of irregular corneas greatly expands the number of patients that may qualify for LASIK, including:

  • Patients aged 18 years and older
  • Patients with astigmatism (up to 5D)
  • Patients with a wide range of pupil sizes (from 4 to 9.5 mm)
  • Patients requiring a significant degree of vision correction (up to -11D)

And there is more!

  • Majority of patients achieved 20/16 vision or better
  • Contrast sensitivity results were excellent with statistically significant improvement, with >89% of eyes have either the same or clinically significant improvement under all lighting conditions
  • Patients reported improvements in distance vision from pre-op to 6 months post-op for judging distance, seeing things off to the side, getting used to the dark, driving at night, driving at night in difficult conditions
  • Patients had significant improvement (6 months post-op vs. pre-op) in night glare and difficultly driving at night following iDesign treatment

The iDesign Advanced Wavescan Studio system is currently used in Europe and a number of other countries around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Japan, and New Zealand. The newly FDA-approved device is now available at Clearview Eye And Laser Medical Center in San Diego.

“It’s every doctor’s dream to have access to the same cutting-edge technology that NASA and the U.S. military uses for its most elite personnel, including fighter pilots and astronauts,” says Dr. Feldman. “I always strive to give my patients the best diagnosis, treatment, and outcome possible, and the iDesign technology enables me to do just that.”

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