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Sandy T. Feldman MD Discusses Your Zika Virus Concerns- Watch FOX News Sunday

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With a major link between the dreaded Zika virus and microcephaly, a neurological disorder that causes abnormal birth defects in regards to head shape and developmental issues, Dr. Feldman is on a mission to promote the severity of this virus and its side effects.

As we live and breathe eye health at Clearview, there is nothing more serious than a virus that can potentially lead to ocular lesions or worse; especially when it comes to helpless infants. Mothers, currently pregnant or not, whom have been exposed to the virus through travel must seek medical assistance immediately as a precaution.

A truly alarming fact about the virus is that an estimated 80% of those infected never know they have the disease with subtle symptoms like pink eye, headaches, mild rashes and fevers.

To learn more about the Zika virus, tune into Fox Sunday to watch Dr. Sandy T. Feldman on CW 9:30am to explain the dangers of the virus, the areas of the world that it is being found and the proper steps to take if you have been exposed.

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