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Active Lifestyles Are More Enjoyable After Lasik

Clearview patients agree that if you live an active lifestyle and enjoy the outdoors, Lasik helps you make the most of that life. Before undergoing Lasik, James was constantly dealing with dry contact lenses while playing softball. Stacy now enjoys swimming more and can open her eyes under water. Paige can’t wait to go camping and not have to worry about dealing with changing her contact lenses at the camp site.

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Yoga Is Better After Lasik

Amy is a San Diegan who loves being active, doing circuit training and hiking outside. She can often be found practicing hot yoga where the studio temperature reaches 95-degrees. During those workouts, Amy would notice the sweat dripping into her eyes and moving her contact lenses around. Tired of that trouble, she trusted her eyes to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and underwent Lasik treatment. Amy couldn’t be happier with the results and now practices yoga with ease.

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Lasik Makes it Easier to Be An Athlete for This Patient

Jacob is an athlete who spends a lot of time running, working out and swimming. He was tired of worrying about contact lenses, from keeping them safe to cleaning and replacing them each year. After doing the research, he turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for Lasik and has never been happier.

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Pro Skater Tony Hawk Choose Dr. Sandy T. Fleldman For Laser Vision Correction

Athletes only want the best when it comes to selecting a Lasik surgeon. That’s why pro skater Tony Hawk turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman for laser vision correction.

This skateboarding legend shares his reasons for wanting Lasik and the experience in this interview.

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Photo credit: Victor Solanoy via Creative Commons Flickr

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Daisy Can Now Enjoy The Water After Having LASIK

Daisy turned to Dr. Sandy T. Feldman when she decided to invest in Lasik surgery. She is thrilled with results. She can now enjoy the beach, swimming and the outdoors without the burden of glasses. Daisy’s experience was life-changing and she can’t wait to explore what life has to offer.

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Water Sports Are Better After Lasik

Jaina P. works as a patient care coordinator for a plastic surgery center in La Jolla, California.  This video was taken one day after having Lasik by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman at Clearview.

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5 Reasons San Diego Summers Are Better After Having Lasik

Being in San Diego, California during the summertime can be blissful.  It can be even more pleasurable without glasses and contacts.  Real Lasik patients of Dr. Sandy T. Feldman share reasons the summertime is better with new vision.

#1 Swimming

Gasses and contacts often hold you back from enjoying many water activities including surfing, paddle boarding, and swimming in the ocean or the back yard pool.  Getting in the water is better without glasses or contacts.

#2 Summer Events

With the warm weather comes numerous outdoor events. Summer outdoor concerts, firework displays, and festivals are much more satisfying with out the hassle of glasses and contacts.

#3 Family Activities

Family road trips, cookouts, camping, and live sporting events are all better with crisp vision.   Connecting with the people close to you is more effective and meaningful without any barriers.

#4 Summer Projects

Home remodeling, redecorating, or just tinkering in the garage can all require intricate work and attention to detail.  Anyone planning summer backyard landscaping or just upgrading the barbecue can benefit by being free from glasses or contacts.

#5 Summer Traveling

Most of us work hard to enjoy our time off.  When we finally have the time to relax it should be as stress free as possible.  A popular way to unwind during the summer is to embark on a day trip to many of San Diego’s attractions.  Popular adventures include visiting the La Jolla Sea Caves take a kayak tour, the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center to interact with the many wonders of science, or the San Diego Zoo for a full day of family fun.  Summer travel without the inconvenience of glasses or contacts is better.



Clearview Congratulates Pro Skateboarder Tony Hawk

A proclamation will be issued today, May 29th declaring it “Tony Hawk Day” in the city of San Diego.  Hawk is being recognized for his philanthropic contributions. Read more hereProfessional athletes in numerous arenas have trusted their eyes to Dr. Feldman including professional skateboarder Tony Hawk.  Here’s what he had to say about getting the procedure:

Testimonial: Tony Hawk

Why did you decide to have laser vision correction?

When I realized that it was almost too-difficult-and even dangerous-to drive without using my prescription lenses. Although I barely passed the DMV eye test the last time, I could tell that my eyesight had been getting worse since then. If I had taken the same test before my surgery, I couldn’t have passed it without glasses.

My degenerating eyesight was also affecting my career as a professional skateboarder. It was getting increasingly difficult to judge distance and clarity on skating obstacles and surfaces.

What was the experience like?

It was extremely quick. Basically, all I did was lay back and stare straight ahead. The entire procedure lasted less than 10 minutes. As I left the office, I looked up and I could read the road signs on the other side of the street. It was already successful, and the healing process had just started.

How has laser vision correction changed your life?

Everything is in focus: trees, signs, movies, television, ramps, menus and even people. I can now recognize someone without having to get close to them. My wife no longer catches me squinting or has to reprimand me for not wearing my glasses. I have become justification for all my friends and family that laser corrective surgery works wonders.

I now have a freedom that I never thought was possible!


Sarah M. Of San Diego Had Lasik At Clearview By Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

Sarah M. works in analyst relations for a tech company in San Diego, CA . This was recorded just a few days after having Lasik by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.

Transcription: ”I was constantly worrying about my contacts and glasses while I’m traveling, internationally, locally, things like that. I also practice a lot of yoga and having to worry about my glasses and contacts in the yoga studio, hot yoga studio was really not convenient. So, I’ve been wanting to do Lasik for quite a few years and finally pulled the trigger this year. I wish I would have done it years ago, I should have done it years ago and there’s no reason not to do it. Just make an appointment and see if it’s right for you. I’m looking forward to being able to go to yoga and go hiking and be outdoors, stand up paddle boarding, traveling and not having to worry about loosing a contact in the ocean or when I’m outside or on a plane where I don’t have one to replace it. And looking forward to being active and enjoyment active lifestyle without the hassle of contacts and glasses. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman, she was so soothing and calming and her bedside manor made the entire thing an experience that was perfect for me and my eyes.”

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Verity P. From San Diego Had Lasik By Dr. Sandy T. Feldman

Verity P. works in the healthcare industry in San Diego, CA. This was recorded just ten days after having custom Lasik a Clearview by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman.

Transcription: ”It was a constant struggle for me trying to find my glasses. I was that bad that I couldn’t even find my glasses on my night stand sometimes. I have a 2 year old son and I would ask him, “could you find mommy’s glasses?” After having this procedure, what a difference. Very very excited. I’m a huge runner and I also like to do triathlons so I can’t even imagine what this is going to open up for me. Being a, loving to do outdoor sports, I’m just so excited especially for the summer. Going to the beach and not having to worry about the contacts and all that stuff in my eyes, I’m just so excite. I think a lot of people have that fear of oh my gosh what if something goes wrong or what if it doesn’t work for me and I had my surgery just two days before my procedure. Immediately I met Dr. Sandy T. Feldman I felt comfortable, I felt at ease. She answered all my questions and my fears went away. I didn’t have fear anymore about what the procedure entails, she walked me through all of it and I felt so comfortable afterwards that I was willing to do it right away. Just meet her and you will be so happy that you came in and gave it a chance because, it’s changed my life.”

Using the most advanced LASIK and implantable lens technology and an unrivaled focus on patient care, Dr. Feldman is committed to giving her patients visual freedom through a variety of state-of-the-art eye surgery procedures. When you trust Dr. Feldman with your vision, as so many of her medical colleagues have done, you will receive the right vision correction treatment for your eyes.