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Why Dr. Sandy T. Feldman is the Right Choice for LASIK

Patients know quickly that Dr. Feldman and Clearview is the right choice for Lasik. Kristine chose Dr. Sandy T. Feldman because she came highly recommended by her brother. Lauren has a lot of experience with doctors, and was impressed right away with Dr. Feldman’s nurturing and calming demeanor. Justin liked her calm presence. Arron was impressed with Dr. Feldman’s fantastic reviews from past clients.

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Winter Eye-Related Health Myths Debunked

Anyone who spends any amount of time online will find an abundance of eye-related myths, misconceptions and misinformation. Dr. Sandy T. Feldman offers timely and factual information related to eye health and vision during the winter season ahead.

True or False? Dry eyes can be more troublesome in the winter.

True. Dry winter air and central heating can cause eyes to be more sensitive. An easy way to prevent dryness is by using a humidifier to add moisture to the air of indoor environments.

True or False? You don’t need to wear sunglasses in the winter.

False. Sunshine in the winter months might not seem as bright as it does in the summer, but ultraviolet (UV) light still can affect your eyes—even on cloudy days. Eyelid skin is extremely thin and allowing too much UV light through can cause a number of eye problems, including cataracts and several kinds of cancer. Skiers and snowboarders should also be aware that UV radiation is more intense at high altitudes, and sunshine that’s reflected off snow can cause a sunburn on the surface of the eye.

“We tend to protect ourselves from the sun only during the summer, but it’s something to be cautious of all year long,” Dr. Feldman advises. “Be sure to wear sunglasses that block 100% of UV light whenever you go outside, no matter what the season, and consider mirrored sunglasses or goggles if you plan to be out in the snow.”

True or False? Eyes look older in the winter.

True. Surprisingly enough, studies show that people can look as much as five years older during the winter months. Why? Circles and bags under the eyes appear significantly darker in colder months, most likely due to a lack of sunlight. Also, many of us feel more tired and lethargic in the winter due to lower levels of vitamin D, which is generated by the body only when exposed to sunlight.

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Clearview Addresses Lasik Fears for ICU Nurse Carolyn

Carolyn is a registered nurse who works the night shifts in a busy San Diego hospital Intensive Care Unit. It’s her job to make sure every aspect of patient care is delivered perfectly and precisely. While Carolyn originally had worries about undergoing Lasik, the Clearview staff and Dr. Sandy T. Feldman addressed all of her concerns, spent time answering questions and gave her consistent information that relieved all the anxiety she felt.

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Eyes on the New Year: Healthful Foods Vitamins and Habits for Optimal Vision

When making health-related New Years resolutions, most people tend to focus on two thingslosing weight and exercising more. While those things are important, Dr. Sandy T. Feldman suggests adding healthful habits for better vision as a top priority in 2015.

Considering how much time each day people spend in front of various screenscomputers, TVs, e-readers, tablets, smart phonesits clear that we rely on our vision far more than we know,” said. Dr. Feldman.

Dr. Feldman offers some New Years tips to improve vision and prevent vision problems, including:

  • Eat more nutrient-rich foods
  • Exercise more
  • Be cautious with vitamins
  • Be mindful of your screen time
  • Use natural remedies to soothe dry eyes
  • Wear protective eyewear
  • Practice good eye hygiene
  • Use full-spectrum lighting at the office

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Jeana Used CareCredit To Change Her Life With Lasik

Jeana is the first to admit her vision was not ideal. Tired of living life with 20/70 vision, she decided to apply for CareCredit and undergo Lasik. The procedure was painless and life changing. Jeana can now go to the movies without worrying about glasses and she no longer experiences glare when driving at night.

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Eyes on the Holidays: How to Avoid a Toy-related Trip to the ER

The famous catchphrase from the classic holiday film, A Christmas Story – “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid!” – was a department store Santa’s response to a young boy’s request for a Red Ryder BB gun. But Santa’s reply is actually sage advice for anyone looking to buy safe holiday toys for children.

“Thousands of children end up in the emergency room every year with eye injuries from a new toy,” says Sandy T. Feldman MD, a San Diego-based physician and one of the nation’s top ophthalmologists. “That’s not a fun way for any child or parent to spend a holiday.”

Children are born with an underdeveloped vision system that develops over time. Young children are very visually stimulated, and nothing stimulates a child’s vision more than a brightly colored new toy.

“Kids spend a lot of time with their toys, so it’s very important to make sure they are safe enough to play with,” says Dr. Feldman. “When eye injuries occur, it’s usually because a toy wasn’t age-appropriate for the child.”

Dr. Feldman offers 12 simple tips for selecting safe toys for children this holiday season:

  • Avoid any toy with sharp or rough edges, spikes, or other dangerous features
  • Make sure toys are sturdy and well-built, able to withstand impact and not shatter into sharp-edged pieces
  • Avoid toys that shoot or launch small balls, darts, water, or any other objects
  • Long-handled toys – such as a pony stick or light saber – should be light-weight and have rounded edges
  • Look for the letters ASTM, which indicates a toy meets safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials
  • Sports equipment should always be accompanied by appropriate protective gear, such as eye goggles or a helmet
  • Read all warnings and directions included with a toy before giving it to the child
  • Pay attention to the age or developmental recommendations printed on toy boxes
  • Any toy labeled “supervision required” should only be used in an adult’s presence
  • Keep toys intended for older children away from younger ones
  • To prevent eye strain and fatigue, set time limits on any electronic devices gifted to older children, such as e-readers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Dispose of toys’ plastic wrapping material and cardboard packaging, as they may have sharp edges that can cause injury

“There are a lot of wonderful toys out there. Just be diligent about what you buy, and be sure to inspect any gifts from other people before a child plays with it,” said Dr. Feldman. “By preventing unnecessary eye injuries, you’ll ensure that everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season.”

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Honeymoon Travel is Easier After Lasik

Lauren is planning her honeymoon to Italy and can’t wait to see the country without contact lenses or glasses. She is excited to travel without bringing along extra sets of lenses and solution, and can’t wait to wake up and see the world clearly for the first time since second grade.

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Justin Can Ride His Dirt Bike With Ease After Lasik

Justin loves to dirt bike ride in the desert, but the sport was not always enjoyable while wearing contact lenses. Since having Lasik, he can now ride with ease and not worry about sand in his eyes and contact lens irritation. He was so encouraged by Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and is thrilled with his new vision.

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Lasik Did Not Interrupt Kristine’s Busy Lifestyle

Kristine has a busy life. She works many hours on the computer and looking at graphics.When she’s not working, she spends her time jogging, swimming and snorkeling. She was worried undergoing Lasik would take a lot of time and interrupt her busy lifestyle. But Kristine was pleasantly surprised that she only needed one day off work and a weekend to recover from Lasik. She then went on vacation seven days later.

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A Nursing Career Is Much Easier After Lasik

As a nurse, Lauren found herself constantly struggling with glasses, and contact lenses were bothersome because the hospital air constantly dried out her eyes. She turned to Lasik with Dr. Sandy T. Feldman and is so pleased with the results. Lauren also loves the fact that she doesn’t have to wake up an extra ten minutes every morning to worry about contact lenses.

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